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Your innovative coaching resource for authentic leadership

Launched 2016, coaches and leaders continue to invest in 'walnut™ leading wisely' to enable

them and their teams to bring their whole selves to work confidently.

walnut™ provides a powerful and effective tool for:

  • coaching self and others - cultivating leadership qualities, agility and resilience.

  • educating the ego and focusing the mind on solution and resolution.

  • establishing mental wellbeing, psychological safety and wiser decisions.

All vital in business today.

55 coaching cards, a proven framework for authentic leadership, information cards and booklet,

presented in a portable, easy to access box.

Integrated into executive coaching and offered for individuals and groups through introductory workshops.

walnut™ principles underpin clients' and our success.

This resource opens up many possibilities.  Hear from others and contact us for a FAQs sheet.

walnut™ is a registered trademark of Success Coaching & Development Ltd

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