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Looking back : Moving forward

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we spent some time revisiting it.

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October 2021

We complete our twelve month series reflecting on past articles

with a relevant reminder of how we can apply the wisdom of our inner leader.

Part 2 Published LinkedIn, June, 24 2020

September 2021

In recognition of Team GB's success in Tokyo's Olympics and Paralympics.

Behind the Scenes - hidden leadership messages.jpg

Published LinkedIn, December, 17 2019

August 2021

Originally published to mark our 10th anniversary in support of others starting out.

It was great to see how many people resonated with this.


Published LinkedIn, August, 2 2018

July 2021

Exploring a coaching paradox.


Posted Association for Coaching, 10 September 2017

June 2021

Part 1:  A liberating way to authentic leadership.


Part 1 Published Linkedin:  June 19, 2020

May 2021


A catalyst for change.


Published PHARMACEUTICAL Physician:  May 2010. Vol 20. No 6

April 2021

Last month's article considered daring to be ‘average’.  This month we look at ambition

and the relevance of self-awareness as an emerging leader.


Published PHARMACEUTICAL Physician:  January 2012. Vol 22. No 4

March 2021

Re-balancing the expectations we place on ourselves.


Published PipeLine:  Issue 23. 2009

February 2021

Five years after its launch, we reflect on overcoming barriers during

the creation of walnut™ - leading wisely.

Offering five key insights to help others in sharing their message. 


Published LinkedIn: February 2021

January 2021

Beginning this new year with a fresh outlook and positive intent.

Offering insight and six proven steps to regain focus

- enabling brighter times ahead.

Blue Sky BoP 2020 - Copy (2).png

Published Issue 02. October 2005

December 2020

Feeling too much is out of your control in the current situation? 

Ten years on, this short article provoked great discussion and novel solutions

in a recent ‘wellbeing’ group coaching session.

Just how resilient are you 2.JPG

Published Pharmafocus: April 2010

November 2020

In 2009 line managers faced the challenge of engaging teams during a global recession.
Today, there is an even greater challenge.
With increased awareness of coaching and the part emotions play in motivating teams,
this article provides tips that may be easier to apply now than they were 11 years ago.

Image POM 3 Nov - Renergise.jpg

Published Pharmafocus: July 2009

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