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Maria Iliffe-Wood, Executive Coach, Supervisor, Author

“I have had the privilege of being one of the first customers of walnut™ leading wisely
so can tell you first-hand about the excellence of it.
Alison is a masterful coach and when you use this product you gain access to her years

of in depth knowledge and experience of transforming people’s lives.
Whilst the resource includes cards and coaching questions, these are no ordinary coaching cards.
The cards invite you to work with your intellectual and emotional capabilities to find

your hidden potential.  I regularly use her cards to aid my daily reflective writing”.

Lisa Godkin, Lead Biometrics Business Partner, Roche

"I particularly like the way Alison uses the walnut™ Model which is a tool that she has developed herself.

The cards are a great way of asking myself questions that help me to independently re-frame situations,

almost as if Alison is in the room".

Steph Attrick, Change Lead, Roche

"Alison, I hugely appreciate all that you have done to support me over the past few years.

Your coaching has helped me grow (and cope!) immensely and, together with ‘walnut™ ',

will continue to inform, guide and support me for many years to come”.

Zoe Phillips, Head Teacher, Round Diamond School

“Alison’s involvement in Round Diamond has helped make our leadership of the school - outstanding!
We have improved communication skills and understand how our team works at its best.
We are able to reflect and develop in ways we never have been able to before.
The use of the walnut™ model allows us to continue this good practice”.

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