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Getting to know us

Our philosophy

We each thrive by allowing ourselves the space for acceptance and change with the desire to broaden our understanding

of the systems within and around us - coaching provides the questions, knowing fundamentally, you have the answers.

Our purpose

Be the supportive, objective ally through the practice of coaching that we all at times seek for continued success.


Collaboration, Compassion, Courage, Integrity

As a pioneer and long-standing practitioner in our industry, we follow the AC Global Code of Ethics and Good practice

and are genuinely committed to offering you the best solution.  

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What to expect

A conversation to explore your

needs and desired outcomes.

Adapting and agreeing the

best intervention for you.

The inclusion of sound theory,

proven methods and techniques

blended with intuition

and creativity.

Pragmatic; Adaptive; Holistic. 

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For those who are curious ...

We have provided background on

where our story began.


The activities that have brought

the practice to where it is today.

Our commitment to the future.

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Alison is the Owner/Director of

Success Coaching & Development.

An Accredited Master in

Executive Coaching.

A qualified Psychological Coach

with a deep interest in

spiritual psychology and its

relevance to our sense of fulfillment.

With that in mind, the creator of

'walnut™ leading wisely'. 

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