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A place from which to grow

Whether as a stand alone or diagnostic tool within executive coaching, psychometrics provide

valuable information.  Where appropriate, they speed up the process of defining key coaching

objectives reliably and swiftly.  We offer:


MBTI™ - Steps 1 and 11

Personality profiling - making sense of how we are and default behaviours during times of stress.

An excellent tool for appreciating similarities and differences, assisting with communication,

teamwork, decision making, and managing change and conflict.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is estimated to account for 27-45% of job success" Source: RocheMartin

ECR™ (Emotional Capital Report)

  • Competency based - designed specifically for leadership.

  • Personal profile - depicting areas of strength and development.

  • Building self-awareness - offering insight and strategies.


  • Considering the wider system - receiving qualitative and quantitative feedback from colleagues.

  • Two reports provide in-depth analysis.

Easy-to-use online platforms, comprehensive reports with validated results, interpreted together

with a certified practitioner.

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